Sunday, February 14, 2016

Najib likens tough decisions to antibiotics, says they’re good

Datuk Seri Najib Razak has hit out at critics, saying they were disparaging the country with help from their allies abroad "They are attempting personal and political end, and [to] disrupt stability and question our democratic system that we prize, which investors need to see and place confidence in Malaysia. "This is not putting the country first," he was quoted by The Star Online telling Malaysian students in southern California. He added that he had no regrets over the unpopular decisions he took to put the country's economy back on track following the global slowdown. Najib said these were necessary given the fall in the prices of oil and other commodities. "Sometimes in politics and even in life you need to take the tough and difficult decisions which you know would be good for you and the country in the medium and long term. "I always compare this to when you are not well. You have to take antibiotics, some are not so pleasant but you have to take them and have to stay the course. "You must complete your antibiotics course and when you complete it, you will recover and become fit once again," the prime minister said. He also said he was aware that Malaysian students in the US were facing difficulties including higher tuition fees due to a weaker ringgit.  He expressed hope that the currency would strengthen in coming months and that oil prices will stabilise. "Let me assure you this. As prime minister, I will continue to work for the greater good of the country and all our citizens. "The government is mindful of the hardship and sufferings of our people. "We are constantly taking steps to ease their burden," he added. – February 15, 2016.]]>

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