Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dr Mahathir can help opposition win Malay votes, says Rafizi

The collaboration between opposition leaders and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to remove Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak will allow Pakatan Harapan to gain more votes from Malays, says PKR's Rafizi Ramli.  The party's secretary-general said the Citizens' Declaration, which saw political foes combining forces, would benefit the opposition because Dr Mahathir could "open the eyes" of fence-sitters among Malay voters. "The declaration is something that we have been talking about for many years. It's our script, he reads our script, so we have the chance to penetrate the 2% to 5% of Malay voters who are fence-sitters," Rafizi said at a forum titled "Pembangkang + Pasukan Mahathir – Berbaloikah Untuk Rakyat?" in Kuala Lumpur yesterday on the positives of the recent cooperation between the opposition and Dr Mahathir on the Citizens' Declaration and launching of the Save Malaysia movement. He described fence-sitters as those who grew up in a pro-establishment environment or lacked information on current issues.  "The arrival of Tun Dr Mahathir on our stage, using our script, will eventually pave the way for us into the 2% to 5% of on the fence voters or Umno voters who can bring victory to us." The 2% to 5% of Malay votes could add another 20 to 25 parliamentary seats, he added. He said this was because non-Malay voters would review their support for opposition after few terms if nothing changed.  "The full support from non-Malay voters is not forever, that's why we need to focus on the 2% to 5% of the Malay votes."  DAP's Anthony Loke agreed with Rafizi's analysis, saying that Dr Mahathir has the power to influence Barisan Nasional supporters.  "In the 14th general election (GE14), we need all forces, including Dr Mahathir, because we have to admit that in order to win GE14, the support we received in GE13 was not enough," he said, adding that the opposition needed additional Malay votes. "We cannot deny the fact that Dr Mahathir has his influence, he can influence BN supporters. Even though he may no longer have influence over Umno division leaders.... but his voice can influence Malay voters, who have fears about racial issues, DAP and other issues. "A person like Dr Mahathir can neutralise the fear," Loke said.  Former PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa said although many people hated the fourth prime minister, there were still many who admired him. "We need to have balance, we cannot say that he doesn't have any influence at all," Husam said. – March 14, 2016.]]>

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