Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Police say Millah Abraham teachings could develop into Isis militancy

Police regard the Millah Abraham teachings in this country as dangerous and have the potential of developing into the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) militancy, if no proactive action is taken to check the movement. Bukit Aman Social Extremist Threats Division chief assistant director, DCP Datuk Awaludin Jadid said police had been monitoring the deviant movement from the start. He said it was among the threats identified, which targeted young people to be recruited as members of the group. "The movement emerged in 2004, with only about 200 to 300 followers of the Millah Abraham deviant teachings but of late, the number has increased and this is worrying," he said at a news conference held at the National-Level Islam and Anti-Terrorism Seminar 2016 in Kangar, Perlis today. Awaludin said police were actively carrying out operations with the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) to arrest those spreading deviant teachings, which could also be a threat to national security. He said the Millah Abraham teachings, which were founded in Sumatra, Indonesia and spread to this country in areas such as Cheras and Klang, were also detected to use the jihad war as their philosophy in creating a "daulah Islamiyah" or Islamic state in this region. "Members are recruited through meetings such as business discussions like on a foreign exchange scheme. "It is understood that followers of the Millah Abraham teachings in Indonesia had been arrested and recently, the Indonesian government sent them back to Kalimantan," he added. – Bernama, March 2, 2016.]]>

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