Sunday, March 6, 2016

#respectMyPM good idea until social media users decided to mock it

A social media campaign, which started in India in 2014 for new Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the #respectMyPM hashtag has been revived by Malaysians as a show of support for an embattled Datuk Seri Najib Razak. But the campaign has now triggered a social media fight between backers of the prime minister and those demanding his resignation. The hashtag started trending yesterday after Twitter and Facebook users tagged pictures of Najib in declaring their support for him three to four days ago. But it is also trending for the opposite reason, as some Twitter users point out. Lawyer Syahredzan Johan (@syahredzan) in his tweet said: "#RespectMyPM is trending, but for all the wrong reasons hahahaha." Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said (@YBAOS63) appears to be the first government leader to post the hashtag in three tweets yesterday before it began trending. "Tun Mahathir gila kuasa sebab nak jadi PM lagi??? #RespectMyPM (former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is power crazy because he wants to be PM again???). "No lah Tun Mahathir too old... confirm it's the son BoiBoi as PM #RespectMyPM. "I am from #Johor, and I #respectmyPM," she tweeted, along with a logo of the hashtag and the Johor flag. Many other tweets were far from respectful towards Najib. Dr Mahathir, the opposition and civil society leaders are demanding his resignation over alleged financial scandals and undermining of institutions. "#RespectMyPM? Come on.. If you don't laugh, it just seems mean. "#RespectMyPM look like a big joke. Well, won't it?" Guiseppe (@joezaluchi) tweeted early today. Early today, social media users began mocking the hashtag. Jeffrey Hardy Quah in his tweet offered to work for the prime minister's communications department. "Offering my services to the PM to take over his comms department cos (because) i can't do worse than the clowns who came up with #RespectMyPM," he tweeted via his handle @jeffreyquah. Jot (@zotzawson) tagged Najib via his Twitter handle @najibrazak with the tweet "Cc @NajibRazak #RespectMyPM" and linked it to a news story of Iranian billionaire Babak Zanjani sentenced to death for corruption. Another Twitter user Lainie Yeoh (@lainie) responded with two other hashtags in her tweet: "#RespectMyPM? #FireMyPM more like it.  #IWantToFireMyPM". She also posted an image with the Jalur Gemilang and the message "I am Malaysian and I #WantToFireMYPM". Call me Seng Meng (@smwong98) said: "#RespectMyPM is going on top of the trend, can #TangkapMyPM make to the top too?" Syazlan H. (@syazlan_101) tweeted: "oi brapa depa bayaq hang buat #RespectMyPM ni. Such a joke!" (Hey, how much they paying you to create this #RespectMyPM? Such a joke!) ZeroEight (@ARaveinBIRDman) said: "#RespectMyPM Najib himself started this trend." Asrul Muzaffar Mohammed (@asrulmm) even tagged Najib with his tweet: "Kempen #RespectMyPM: Yang Untung Hanya Supplier. cc @NajibRazak (only suppliers will benefit from the #RespectMyPM campaign)". His tweet also included a picture of hundreds of "I love PM" banners at an event. Ohmane Padme (@soonrobs) tweeted: "#RespectMyPM ? why should I when he doesnt respect us malaysians. he and his goons take us for fools." Siv (@LocoCoco80) said he respected the prime minister for returning most of the RM2.6 billion donation deposited into his bank accounts. "#RespectMyPM because he was honest enough to return 'most' of the undeclared 2.6 bil banked into his personal acc. #HeartOfGold." Another Twitter user Lily (@fa10_Atikah) also said: "Najib teach us to never give a f*** about what other people think about us. So he earns respect. #RespectMyPM". On Facebook, some social media users also posted the #RespectMyPM hashtag repeatedly in the comment space on Najib's page yesterday. A few posted other hashtags like #TunDrMahathir and #RespectMyExPM. Dr Mahathir, who is Najib's biggest critic, is now driving a movement to oust Najib. He initiated the Citizens' Declaration last week to remove Najib. The declaration was supported by leaders from opposition parties PKR, DAP, Parti Amanah Negara and civil society groups. – March 7, 2016.]]>

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