Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sprinter Watson Nyambek regrets his bankruptcy made news

National 100m record holder Watson Nyambek expressed disappointment over an article that revealed his financial status which he described as "unethical and unprofessional". He said the writer of the article had called him over the phone about a bankruptcy notice that was published in the advertisement section of a local daily yesterday. "I explained my situation to the journalist, it was supposed to be a conversation between two friends and I never authorised or gave him permission to publish the news, it is private matter to me and my family and I'm upset and angry that he did not respect my privacy," he told Bernama today. Watson, accompanied by his wife, Fellizia Michael, said the writer should have asked his permission since the article would affected his coaching career in terms of sponsorship as well as his credibility. "First and foremost I wish to clarify again here that, I never allowed the writer to publish the news, yes, we have struggled financially for years but we are not trying to beg for sympathy," he said. Watson hoped that it would not affect his Flying Dayak Club which he had set up to coach athletes in the state. Felliza who shared Watson's disappointment said they may consider legal action against the writer. "Two lawyers, one from Limbang and another from Miri called us to offer their services if we needed legal advice. I tried to call and WhatsApp the writer since this morning but he did not answer or reply my WhatsApp message. Is this what you call ethical journalism? she asked. Felliza said she and Watson have been trying to supplement their own income by selling fruits near shopping malls, selling handmade bags and travelling nationwide to conduct coaching clinics in schools. – Bernama, March 5, 2016.]]>

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