Friday, February 26, 2016

Society must be together with government in tackling terrorism, says Najib

The society must be together with the government and the security forces in combating all forms of crime, violence and extermism, said Datuk Seri Najib Razak. The prime minister said security was an important aspect in the development of a nation and as such, it must be given attention by all quarters. "Security is the main pillar of any nation because without security, it is impossible to bring development, in fact, we may not be able to sleep tight each night if we feel ourselves and the family are unsafe. "So, combating crime and all sorts of extremisms which will lead to violence must be given serious attention not only by the government and the security forces but also the local leaders and society." He said the issue of security was among four items he, as head of the government administration, stressed and gave priority with the others being political stability, good economic governance and bringing benefit to the people. For political stability, Najib said the government was not practising dictatorship but was upholding parliamentary democracy. "Every five years we return to the people to pick the government they want. But between each general election, we must look after political stability. "Thank god, the existing government has enough majority. The trumpeting by certain parties that the government would fall did not materialise when last year's budget was passed in Parliament with a large majority. "Similarly, other bills were able to be passed in Parliament. We are not worried in terms of political stability." In this regard, the prime minister said the people must ensure national political stability and no quarters could threaten it. "If we live without security and political stability, the people will lose." – February 27, 2016.]]>

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